Wednesday, 4 February 2015

FSTS: Character design - Main Heroine.

*Work In progress*
Since retrieving the feedback from my OGR I will be picking the option of removing this image until I can completely show my design works up to that point.


  1. Hi Julia - I'm a bit concerned re. the provenance of this image... if I compare this with your actual level of understanding re. anatomy etc, the jump is so huge, that your process of tracing/appropriation etc. is nudging plagiarism. I don't think any of the knowledge on show here - dynamic posing, proportionality etc. is coming from your fundamental knowledge of basics, but rather from someone else's; you can just trace, Julia - that's not design - that's a jigsaw puzzle using someone else's knowledge. In truth, I'm not happy about this and I think you have to be incredibly careful about asserting this as 'your' design or indeed 'your' work. You can't yet draw like this, Julia - we recognise this because we've been following your progress (you need to be encouraged to draw faces and hands, remember, which is something you avoid because you don't have the understanding yet) - I suggest you share on here all the sources you used to create this image - what you traced, what you borrowed, and what's yours...

  2. you *can't* just trace, Julia - that's not design.