Saturday, 28 February 2015

FV: Discussions Follow-Up

After having a discussion with Phil about how to approach my idea and where it was going, I have managed to conclude that the base of my idea stems from the concept of ''Invasion''. Considering my final chosen scenario is the Influenza Virus, invasion seems like the right way to go. Our discussion lead us to the typical cliché alien invasion, particularly on the subject of 1950's B-Movies, and an example being ''It came from outer space.'' That being said, the idea steamed from a conversation I had with my Granddad about my work, and he suggested I could look at invasion as a war based principal, where another country (virus) invades another county (host cell) and the forces that fight against the invading country are the anti-bodies. This concept is great but I don't feel a military approach is very interesting to me. Also my target audience is children - probably mid-late Primary school - therefore the story aspect needs to be simple to understand as well as appeasing to the eyes.  As suggested I comprised a spider diagram in response to this discussion and have made an image mind map of the things we spoke about. 
Another suggestion made by Phil. The Crown-of-thrones Starfish
The blue lines represent the animals that are commonly known to swarm and devour/invade spaces. These swarms can become an interesting starting point for a story, as their aims are to kill and eat anything they can. Rather like the virus. In terms of design however, I am really liking the war elements, i.e the underseas mines resemble the ''sweet chestnut'' imagery of the virus's cell. In saying that these mines need to be distributed some how, so that's where the element of a zeppelin can come into it. I was thinking, in keeping to a simple dilemma the virus is invading the body and this can be portrayed as a ship carrying these virus's into where the host cells live and the virus's are distributed in the form of ''grenades'' that explode to reveal the beasts that swarm and infest everything. As this is directed at children, I do not want to express that Influenza is a deadly disease if not treated right, but instead give the good news that antibodies can fight the infection. As we were talking about bugs and pests, there was mention of having the antibodies resemble a ''pest controller'' or a ghost buster of the virus ghost. 

But essentially I wish to make a cartoon that resembles art work that children of that young age would appreciate. CBBC has cartoons that, when I was that age anyway, I used to watch. But there are many shows that teach children the sciences. For example, ''The Magic School Bus'', a TV show that aired between 1994-1998. It about an eccentric schoolteacher takes her class on wondrous educational field trips with the help of a magical school bus. One of the episodes touches on virus's (See video bellow, apologizes they dragged it out a bit.) This sort of art style in those times was very appealing to the views, I mean even I watched the entire episode without getting distracted, it was intriguing and engaging. This is really ironic because of the title of our project is that of the film that did the exact same.

The Magic School Bus reference from Julia Mason on Vimeo.

I am not saying that this is the only show out there but it is the most iconic, I will not be heavily influenced by its story but more so of it's design, at least to the idea of the retro art style, such as Pac-Man or Space invaders. I'm just going to have to throw out a few thumbnails and see where the art direction of my own style takes me I think. 

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