Monday, 17 November 2014

@Phil, @Jordan, concept art idea.

So after my quick feed back I extended my original drawing and - poorly - coloured it. Using some of Erte's work as a color template. Probably not what you was talking about Jordan, but my tablet is having comparability issues at home - I will be continuing this experimentation tomorrow long side working on my othrographs.


  1. A couple of things - lower the big mountain, so the top of the tower appears a little higher than the peak - it will create a stronger sense of occlusion (i.e. it will tell our eye that the tower is in front of the mountain, and that there is distance between them) - Also - look at Erte's drawings!!! That shape on the top of the tower - why isn't it a clean, simple deco-shape - like one of Erte's crescents? Also - don't forget your aspect ratio as 16:9 - and also - if the mountain etc is in the distance it would be softer according to the principle of ariel perspective:

    Don't like any of the colour palettes, because the mountain is soooo depressing - like a giant coal heap; if this is Erte's world, make everything Erte - including the mountains and sky - fewer colours, bolder choices - re-think the preponderance of grey!

  2. I have to agree, that colour scheme is way too dull for Deco! Erte uses lots of yellows and blues, that could be a good starting point for a colour scheme, though if you're stuck bring in one of Erte's pictures to Photoshop and colour pick from it! :)