Sunday, 16 November 2014

94 - 99 Thumbnails

So I decided, after having a quick conversation with Phil yesterday I thought about creating a little more on the 3D modelling scale. And I am planning on making a colour comp with these. But I was evidently experimenting with angles to see which looks right. - The way the model turned out is actually an accident when I scaled the blocks.


  1. 99 is very filmic - but still, I think the camera could move a little further away to open the scene up - and also, things are getting very Egyptian and monolithic - what about Erte's love of crescent shapes and the implicit curves of the female form?

  2. Curves for me at the moment are a little difficult to muster in Maya, I was essentially aiming to (as I started to colour-comp them,) rub out some of the shapes and make them like that anyway. So, 3D paint over kinda thing. But I really am starting to slightly panic as to what to do for OGR and if I'm going to get this concept art done in time - and what to do for it. The idea of being experimental and more ''free'' and open is proving rather difficult. =|