Thursday, 13 November 2014

92 and 93 - Need some advice and a solid Idea design...

There seems to be a constant arrangement I seem to be venturing back to when I try and design my city. In all honesty, I have no idea what and how to progress from here considering I need a full concept art done by Wednesday.  I need people's opinions (looking at my other thumbs) and ones that I aim to post by Sunday.


  1. I like both of these thumbnails but something seems to be missing in both of them .... I am not sure what
    it is

  2. Your sketchbook thumbnails are a lot stronger than your digital ones. Infact, the digital ones actually lose their depth. If you're struggling how to move forward with the designs you have, see what they have in common and pick a theme. Once you have a set theme (which could be based on a word, mood, atmosphere etc...) your thumbnails will start to look a lot more consistent and then you can begin to detail that! Smaller details can give the illusion of a "fully thought-out world" but firstly you need to cover a broader ground.

    As a lot of Erté's work is fashion-based, it's rather organic. Although, unlike most art for fashion his is much more Graphic than Illustrative! He seemed to love drawing drapery and as such the forms flow very well. But in these two thumbnails above, atleast, the buildings fall into the "rectangular sky scraper" look. In thumbnail 92 though, the swirls around the edges are much more interesting! Maybe something to consider!

    Another tip for creating a likeness of Erté's work, you could colour-pick some of his works and stick to only those for a few thumbnails. I.e with this image; pink, black and gold.

    Hopefully all of that makes sense and helps a little! ^^

  3. Thanks for the feedback, In all honesty, I have been doing exactly what you just said. I had to leave the hand drawn thumbnails behind and look at the Art Deco approach like what Phil and Jordan have said in the Ogr and the tutorial. All the digital ones that I have done are color picked from Erte's work, as Jordan has told me prior. Also, I HAVE to do digital to get the concept art painting finalized. It's also generic because in my OGR I was told to stop with the actual drawing and use the lasso tool to create building structure. In other words, what you have just said is either already done or the complete opposite to what I've been advised and told previously. So yeah. But Thanks for the idea! XD.

    1. Ah, I see! Well of course you'll need to do primarily digital work as you look into refining your ideas, but it's less about the format I was talking about. More-so, on your part, looking at what works in your sketchbook thumbnails and applying that to your digital ones.

      Using the lasso tool as well does not mean what you create will suddenly become generic. - I think Phil may have been asking you to use the lasso tool rather than drawing lines due to Erté's work being heavily form and shape based and it's a fast way to create a flat object; rather than having scratchy lineart that might not be as crisp as you'd like. - Try to think of it as just because it's simple doesn't mean it has to be generic. If you have a lot of simple forms combined your city will start to look more complicated anyway!