Wednesday, 19 November 2014

@Phil and @Jordan! Help! Thumbnail's 104-112, Final Comps.

So I edited the image, lowered the mountain so that the building grew up above it and I tried to use both an example of Erte's work for the colour pallet and Art Deco (for example from the Crystal Building) to change the top of the spire. Also I can't see if the colours are the same - being shade colour blind does have a bad effect when you've been staring at bright colours all night. I want to use this as my final idea as I really do love the composition and angle. Also it seems my creative partner's also like the arrangement. I just don't know which ones to use as the colour comp. And I request help on the painting as the lasso tool isn't really being friendly with me right now. I also don't understand what you meant Phil, about how it doesn't encompass Erte's sharp crisp forms? Are you referring to the fact that the lines are scratchy and sketchy? Or not straight and generic? I'm rather confused in that matter.


  1. 1) yes, I think the shapes could be more 'deco', more graphical more crisp - you should reflect a bit more Erte in your production art versions - clean lines, strong shapes, clear silhouettes.

    2) and no, I'm not going to colour pick for you; you're the expert on Erte and your world - you should have an answer!

    3) Well done on pushing this image.

    4) Make a decision.

  2. 107 would be good though some of the colours might look better if they're not so bright (some pastel colours would make the brighter elements stand out). 111 is also a good pick, maybe introduce more yellow? As for the rest you have some nice colours but I'm questioning why the buildings at the front are grey? A saturated colour may look better. Just keep adjusting as you paint and the colours should hopefully fit into place!

  3. Julia, have a look at this (though I'm sure you've already done it)...

    It's just a quick search on 'Art Deco'. I think I know what Phil means when he says 'sharp and crisp'. I think your buildings have a squishier feel about them. Maybe use the polygonal lasso tool to sharpen them up a bit? Erte's art to me seems very elegant and slightly muted, so colour-wise I think I'd go for something along the lines of number 110. :)

  4. @Phil, Okay I get that, and I have actually made a few improvements (added a more art deco-y style) and tried (more like fought with) using the lasso tool, but with the aspect of straight lines I'm not quite getting how the lasso tool can help more so than keeping me withing the selection. That seems to only work when coloring - which I use for. I'm trying to see if I can thin the lines down and make them ''straighter'' and ''crispier'' by using the Shift and click technique. But in any case, the deco design is there. And instead of picking one, am I at least going in the right direction - in response to your comment on the OGR.

    @Kayliegh, thanks for the feedback! Number 112 is actually the orginally coloured image I started with - then I just mucked about with the hue and colour balance. So I didn't actually colour them from scratch. Thats why they came out bright. But Erte's work (my artist) is a mixture of dark, bold colours as well as the art deco colours (which are pastel-like shades of bright colours).

    @Emma, Thanks for the feedback also. I have looked and literally leave the search page open just to remind me but it seems I'm not doing it right. Also on the lasso front, I am trying to actually remove some of the line thickness using the tool but its going to take a while at this rate. But thanks for the idea :) I also like 110 :) its ''peachy'' sky is my favorite sky :)