Thursday, 20 November 2014

OGR ''What If'' Metropolis?

Here is my OGR 2 for Project 2.


What if Metropolisogr2


  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Julia,

    Okay - so I think with your final image here you've taken a bit of a step backwards somehow in terms of the colour design (and also the ariel perspective has vanished too?). Just in terms of painting, Art Deco and Erte make use of flat colour (i.e. no visible brushwork or textures derived from colouring in), and this approach to colouring your work would lend more of that crispness and clean-lines that everyone is pushing you to accomplish.

    If I'm being completely honest - your 'production art' and orthographic drawings lack the necessary quality, and you should re-visit them. Imagine handing over those drawings to a 3D modeller - I don't think they could use them practically for the next step. Just in presentation terms alone, they're not fit for purpose; they're not, ultimately, technical drawings. Julia - you need more finesse in your work - more elegance of execution, and a greater sensitivity for quality. I'm sorry, but it's true. You need to think about 'production art' and technical drawings as polished, precise and 'give-away-able'. These will not do!

    A couple of design issues: the big green building; look at its windows in terms of scale: if they were truly that big, as viewed from this vantage point, they'd be absolutely enormous. You might want to re-think those details; likewise, on the front facade of your tower, you've got no architectural details (windows?). I think you're world would benefit from another pass of detail and thinking before you go into production. I also suggest that you model the tower element itself; your shapes are all relatively simple and if you try and 'paint' that bit of your city, I think your current technical ability as a digital painter is going to create some credibility issues in terms of the final blend of your components.

  2. You need to aim for this, Julia!