Thursday, 8 October 2015

Review: Games Night Tuesday

As part of our course, we were offered a chance to play some games with each other to understand the mechanics and the way the game is played. In our group we played three games. These three games consisted of two card games and one board game.

The first game is called Guillotine, this is a very mathematical based card game that takes artistic cards and a pop up guillotine into a level of game play for all the family. The idea behind the game is to save the Nobles from having their heads cut off. To do this, you can use action cards to aid you or another player or make their point gathering a nightmare. You also have to take the noble which is at the top of the line or closest to the guillotine at the end of your round regardless of its number. At the end of the ''day'' when all the cards are gone you count up your points and the person with the highest points wins.

Secondly, we played a gamble based game of probability called Camel Up. We have to bet on who will come first. However as the race goes on the camels can stack up, changing the leader. If a dice is rolled and the coloured camel is on the bottom but has a camel on its back, it moves forward either 1,2 or 3 spaces with the camel still on its back. The camel on the top becomes first and the character below becomes 2nd. Its a little complication and its designed to teach children maths, probability and problem solving - with a gambling issue thrown in. Its a very well designed piece and as much as I enjoyed it I wouldn't want my children to learn how to gamble.

Finally, we played a multi-game card set called Dobble. Dobble is a fairly frustrating game that requires you to have good identification skills with multiply objects in different sizes. There are a few different games you can play with this game. We played the basic ones where you had to match a card to its pair causing the card that goes on top to be the next card you had to match, if you won it you can keep the card and the person with the most card wins. Then we did the reverse were you had to try and get the lest cards, and thirdly we had to try and get rid of our cards. Its a fun fast placed game that really tests your ability to be able to pay attention.

Out of all three I think that Dobble and Guillotine are my favourites and I have a history with card games they are the most appealing to me.

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