Monday, 19 October 2015

NC: Narractive and Character Review

Character & Hollywood

Without being tempted to go for the ‘’Top of the head’’ choice for this task, i.e. someone like Batman & Joker, I have chosen two opposing character’s from the well-loved Disney movie Peter Pan. These two being Hook and Peter Pan himself.

As Peter Pan is a fictional movie the characters both have the same birth date, May 9th 1860, and place, Scotland. This is because the original story of Peter Pan was written by J.M. Barrie. The novel was published in 1911, and Disney’s classic take on the tale appeared on our screens in 1953. Pan is depicted as the ‘’Boy who never Grows’’ up, even though he was introduced to his new world when he was baby at seven days old, he seems to be around 12-15 years old. In other depictions he seems to be in the 14-15 range as he understands the concept of a kiss, love and having a family. Walt Disney describes him as ‘’ He is twelve years old forever simply because he refuses to grow up beyond that comfortable age.’’- (Walt Disney, 1958.).  His world view is that no child should need to grow up and that adults are just getting in the way. When he was just a baby, the faires took him to Neverland, it is here that he inherited his own world, creating the Lost Boys and his goal is to bring Wendy Darling and her brothers to Neverland so that he could hear stories from Wendy all the time and forever. His other goals or wants are that he wants to insure that he gives Captain Hook hell as he and his crew are the only adults in Neverland that do not belong. Pan does not have that many needs, his needs are the same as his goals in this sense. He does want to make sure that all children are happy. Which brings us to his Internal Vs External Traits. His internal is that his parents wanted him to be this big success and all he wanted to be is a child, external being that he now saves children from their adult life – the Once Upon a Time Version puts a really grim twist on this story as it tells that Peter Pan is a shadow that takes children who die in their sleep so that they do not return to their bodies – or be saved – are eternal on Neverland. Pan has many flaws mainly that he is too caring towards Wendy and almost loses to Hook. As well as the fact that he is cocky and impulsive – even though he is immortal that can still cause others harm.  Overall his Story Arc consists of him wanted to take Wendy and her brothers away and keep them in Neverland, after their battle with Hook and Tinker bell saving him he changes his mind and lets Wendy return home. His conflicts being Hook and the Pirates and his choice to let Wendy go and the value changes display in the scene is when Wendy give Peter a Thimble (a real kiss) causing him to regain his strength and fight Hook.

Captain’s James Hook, the villain of the story and enemy to Peter Pan is my second choice of character. With the same birth date and history as Pan except that he’s around 30 years old and runs a crew of hardy pirates. Hook has sailed the seven seas including Neverland and only wishes to be rid of Peter and Neverland and get back to the real world. Instead of getting his revenge on Pan for cutting of his hand and throwing it to the crocodiles, he ends up being chased away by it, unsuccessfully getting his revenge. He starts out by kidnapping Princess Tiger lily and forces Pan to rescue her, then takes Wendy on his ship converting her to pirate story teller and tricks her into showing the location of Pan’s lair, taking the lost boys and the brother’s he challenges Pan and almost wins. Hook has a few flaws other than being a pirate, he’s a ‘coward’ and a ‘cod-fish’. His internal vs External triats are that he came to Neverland by accident and ends up being forced to leave as he is chased by the crocodile to the ends of the earth so to speak. Pan has taken his ship so he no longer captain it and he lost without a cause. His crew follow him however so at least that’s a little bit of comfort. 

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