Thursday, 15 October 2015

NC: Narrative: Structure in Marvel's Avenger's

The Avenger's 
Three Act-Structure

My chosen film for the Narrative Structure review is Joss Wheadon's Avenger's. I choose this film as it sits nicely within the Three-Act Structure. Beginning with
Act One, this is before the Helicarrier Takes Off, it is here where the film goes into setup mode, introducing a roll call in The Avengers, the Roll Call is the series of scenes which establish the main characters, locations, items, and relationships that will come into play later on. Act Two comes into play when they are on the Helicarrier. This act takes place largely on the Helicarrier and the hero begin multiple efforts to stop Loki in Germany. Thor tries to bring Loki back to Asgard but fails and Black Widow manipulates Loki into revealing his plans but they are unable to defeat him. They also begin to confront other obstacles to their success, such as the hostility between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, Nick Fury’s deception about the use of the Tessaract, Bruce Banner’s control of the Hulk, and Hawkeye attacking the helicarrier. By the end, the heroes have begun to fully appreciate how much of a threat Loki is, and they are forced to come together and redouble their efforts to stop him. And Act Three
is after the Avengers Leave the Helicarrier having figured out Loki’s plan. There is a short dialogue scene between Tony Stark and Loki, but then the rest of the act is dominated by the Battle of New York. The tension continues to build over the course of the battle until it reaches a crisis point when the nuke is launched toward Manhattan, and then the climax comes and the heroes win the day. A final sequence wraps up the loose ends, and the film is concluded.

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