Wednesday, 7 October 2015

NC: Character: Post Character Lesson feedback.

The character session with Justin ran smoothly, I rather enjoyed trying to make a game concept with the map and tokens he provided as well as thinking of ways to turn Bethesda's Studios Fallout 3 into a board game.

Once we were tasked with this Justin came round and talked to me about my idea for my Character project, I explained my initial ideas and he said he is looking forward to seeing that. He also helped me base a narrative for my game and it full ''steam'' ahead from now on.

My Idea has been altered since I last typed it up but I now have a definite concept to publish. I have yet to think of a title, but here is the new information.

The Game:
The game's genre is racing, taken from the base concept of the race the player will need to play to win to unlock more things as they level up and progress. The rules are slightly different however. The player gets to build their car pre-race in what ever way they think will suit for the terrain they are to face, the rule is that they have to remember that the more things that they customize their car with makes their car heavier - therefore making them slower in the race.

The Characters:
The game will consist of three playable characters. Each character has a bonus ''perk'' to give the player who chooses them. Males have extra weight allowance, females glimmer power that slows other racers and the animals are faster. Customization of the character will be simple, for example changing of hair style and colour, eye colour and skin colour. For the third selection character the player can choose what type of ears and tail to have on their character. As they progress they will unlock outfits for their character and new hairstyles/hats. The characters start as basic male, female and human-animal hybrid.

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