Thursday, 27 April 2017

UPDATE: Added the ''Memory line'' to stairs sequence!

The Infamous red line has seemed to have slipped away from my work, so I asked Alan the best possible way that I can re-introduce it and Voila. Little curves work and I have a working and moving/growing line that appears in the scene with ease. Now to apply this to the rest and we are one step closer to a final animation! It's all coming together!


  1. can you smooth the red line a little more? At times it looks a bit faceted. Can you also try just softening it a little more to take the crisp 'a computer made this' quality away - and make it seem more painterly and hand drawn?

    1. I can do that! It's only in this way to show that I did it, I'm sure once the animation effects on after effects are applied it will smooth out. At least I hope! Alan showed me how effective the lighting that you suggested and adding a noise grain effect on top can look so I will see what happens when I apply that to this in the animation. I'll see what I can do within maya first though!