Tuesday, 18 April 2017

@Phil @Alan - UPDATE: Fixed black background and added effects!

I have managed to fix the black background in the book section of this scene and it looks much better!

I have also had a go at adding two effects, firstly a mask that creates a paper-like effect on the whole scene itself and a vignetting effect, I think at the moment it's too much and I might have to attempt to remove some of it with the sliders. Opinion?


  1. maybe try warming up the white a bit - not as cliched as 'sepia' but something less grey than you've got now. Also - and don't groan - but it seems to me that the mitten scene is less dynamic than the rest of the rotoscoping? It feels like a drawing, as opposed to 'captured life' - does that make sense?

    1. Okay, and yeah that makes sense, I guess I need to find some footage and rotoscope it in properly? At least capture the essence of a hand going along a rail.

      So warming it up and is that all, does the paper effect look good?