Sunday, 16 April 2017

@Alan @Phil UPDATE: Visitor Sequence Test 1

Happy Easter first of all!

Secondly, I wanted to start my final movie by getting at least one scene near perfect, so I put together one scene that is the first test sequence for the Visitor section of the voice over. I'm not well versed in after effects so honestly, this wasn't a bad first try.

The composition worked really well, so what I @'ed you both for was some editing advice, in the ways of what should really go where and how they should fit together.

For example, the book; should it just ''pop'' up like that, like suddenly for dramatic effect or is there a effect that I can apply to the object to make that transition into view more easier - side note: I tried to match the book to the rotoscoped background and make it so that it appears when the door opens and the camera moved into place, make the book scale as the camera moved close but it didn't seem right as it was all ''jiggly'' when I was trying to key the positions, so I only keyed it from the point the VO says about the book and the camera is close enough to the corner.

I might need to shift the Opacity sliders a little more to make the transitioning of the giraffe/hawk combination appear better but that's honestly my favourite part - side note: Is there a way to make the giraffe follow the opening of the book so it ''sticks'' to it? I mean I know skewing the images work but I'm not sure if I can achieve that within after effects or it's something I have to achieve in Maya. Second side note - I have no clue why that the background changes from white to black as the composition's background is set to default white, is it an Alpha channel issue? Maybe I need to import it with that on/off?

Thanks and I'll be in to spend those vouchers whenever easter break is over :D

Video - Visitor Scene Test 1:


  1. Hi Julia - I'd like to see you maintain the white background for the book to sit on, because for me at least, the black screen pops me out of the visitor centre and introduces a visual language we haven't seen before.

    Something I was going to mention: I think maybe you should consider looking at moderating the bright white of your world - so something a bit more 'handmade' paper as a 'background' for your memories - it will make everything seem less digital too. You might also want to consider using a subtle vignetting effect too to further soften the overall look of your film.

    1. I'd have to implement that paper effect while I rotoscope, that would mean having to do all the footage again. But the vignetting seems to be a good idea, perhaps there is a effect or a way to add noise to make the background seem grainy/older like as if it was on paper? I think that would work better - and I will figure out why the book decided it wanted to render on black rather than white. ^.^