Tuesday, 27 September 2016

(@Phill) Minor Project: Sketching to life

Started using a nice little sketchy tool brush in photoshop to bring to light some of my items that I'll be using at a later date.

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  1. Okay - can you give each individual thing it's own page - I want to see big, strong simple drawings - solitary - and all drawn on the same sized canvas. Keep to objects and things - avoid people. And don't colour anything in. Personally, I think the tablet drawing is encouraging you to 'not' to draw in a big loose way - I'd rather you were working with trad media for this. Look again at the artist I got you to look at - LOOK at the quality of the lines - try and emulate that style a bit more. Let's keep things really simple: draw me a dozen trifles - draw it differently each time - use your left hand, do a 'continuous drawing' version, do an ink version. I know it sounds nutty, but please just do it and post them as separate images on here please when you're done. I want you to give yourself a time limit too - spend no longer than 90 seconds on each trifle - go!