Sunday, 11 September 2016

@Phil - So many ideas.

So it seems my previous block of text hasn't been reviewed yet and its almost time to come back and I'm honestly feeling a little stuck. I've been looking at tutorials in finding a character and developing them as Alan suggested and that has made me think of many different approaches I can do with character design but not so much when approaching an idea. I've been keeping an eye on the rest of the group and they are progressing nicely and that put me in a position of not so much panic but close enough.

But regardless I need to try and get something out.

Previous Ideas:
- A creature that is brought up from the depths of the earth and is shunned for their looks but is eventually welcomed as part of the forest life. (Was supposed to be an animated short)
- A child's toy (like a teddy bear) is accidentally left abandoned after a family hike into the woods. Struck by lightning it fights its way back to the girl and gets tattered and torn along yhe way. (Either animated short or character turn around).
- Two people meet at a patch of soil on a hill and work together to grow the tree which in turn grows their feelings towards one another and they bring colour back into a black and white worlds. (Animated short.)

Additional Ideas:
Even with these "pluck out of thin air" ideas I think in terms of my own potential and skill I wouldn't be able to achieve more than a turn around. But I'd like to push myself and at least try. I've been going out a lot recently, mainly with family but otherwise just to go for walks to try and find some inspiration.  Here are some additional ideas that stemmed from such outings.

- My granddad told me that when he was working in Hastings he used to live up in a cave on the cliff where the tram goes. And he used to have to ride his bike up and down it to work every day. I don't know how much of this is true at all but the concept of hearing old stories from older generations fascinates me. And I would probably like to address some in some respect. Like a cartoon sketch that shows a young gentleman trying to ride a bike up a cliff face to go home and eventually can afford to get himself a flat or something at the end and then turns it into his cave as much as possible.

- Pokemon Go has become fabricated into my daily routine, in a sense that I spend most of my evenings out in Rochester hunting for the little buggers. The idea that stemmed from this was that people complain that everyone's is always on their phones like drones. Walking around silently or sitting in silence glued to their phones. But when the world gives them an app that encourages social activity people become more alive more engaged and friendships can be made. My idea for this is a dull city where people where these visors that have their phones connected too so they can see where they are going as well as everything that is happening on their phone. They walk around in drone like fashion until an world wide update comes out that only works on the device rather than through the visor and requires people to talk. The silent city becomes abrupt with noise and the whole atmosphere changes and people start removing the visors and seeing the world as it is. Bright and colourful.


  1. I've got to be honest and I'm drawn most to your personal story, because everything else up here feels generic and what you 'think' an idea for an animated short/project looks like. I know too from speaking with External Examiners, that personal ideas are often more likely to create an original approach to animation and art direction. I think small, personal stories based on observation and visual-storytelling are the way forwards here - and stop thinking at this stage about the end outcome: I want you to think about what you've got at your fingertips - personal stories, personal beliefs you had as a child - for example, I knew someone who, as a child, thought treacle came from underground and was mined like coal...

    1. Are you referring to my Grandad's supposed tale of living in a cave?

  2. You might be on to something with the old man and the cliff. You can hear some amazing anecdotes from people, especially from older generations. Stories of life when they were young. Ask your family or maybe some old neighbors if they have any interesting stories to tell.

    Emma and Mailin might have the "world according to children" market covered. But with imagination I'm sure there's a magical story of the old days you could create into an animation. This is a one-year project, the best way to enjoy it is to live it as a journey.

    1. Yeah I thought about that, cause I could ask Marion's dad to tell me some stories as he's ''old'' and he was in the army for the Philipines and that seems interesting for me as its a different culture and different attitudes towards things.

    2. Yeah. I'd say go and ask him. Spend a couple of hours to hear what he has lived through. It sounds like he could have a lot of stories to tell either about his tours of duty, or living in the Philippines.