Friday, 16 September 2016

@Phil Creative Writing Task

As Phil has suggested to me I have come up with some creative writing about my personal child hood. 
When someone mentions childhood they really don't understand the difference of being brought up by a Mum and a Dad or Mum or Dad, compared to living with Grandparents. So when you are young and in school and all the teachers are saying ''Get your Parents to help to do this for you.'' Or ''Has your Mum or Dad done this with you.'' It makes you shrink to the side of the room, feeling neglected and out of place. Even if you try to explain to them that living with an older generation is harder because they might not understand things, life gets harder, both on yourself and on them. It hurts, you feel small. But as you get older that feeling subsides, you become independent, even a little passive aggressive, because you mostly had to fend for yourself. Learn by yourself. With little to no help from them or even your parents. They are not dead, they are just distant. Far away from you. When you explain that to class mates they look at you like you're some sort of weirdo. They don't understand. Some, those with a single parents, you can relate but you still feel like you're missing out on a important part of growing up. Not to say it's their fault, problems happen, relationships change, and their is nothing you could have done to make it any different. But you are just grateful for what you had and what was taught to you. Even if it was a million miles away from what the other children learnt. No bedtime stories, no playing ''don't touch the floor''. Just you, a room, books, and hand-me-down masculine toys. Restrictions, not put in place to make my life hell, but to make sure you doing the right thing, not making mistakes.  A normal, boring, uneventful but completely appreciated childhood. 


  1. Evening Julia,

    Okay - I want you to try and think in pictures/images. What you've described here is a series of statements; a starting point, but not yet anything with 'animation velcro' - you know, the idea that really sticks. I want you to describe your favourite smells - you know, the smells that remind you of childhood; or smells that you hated. I want you to describe a favourite toy. I want you to describe your least favourite item of clothing when you were kid. I want you to describe Christmas - a good one and a bad one. Did you have any pets? If so, describe it/them. Describe your room. What did you want to be when you were grown-up? Those 'masculine toys'... what were they?

    1. Ahhh okay, I'll give that a go,probably be up tomorrow :)

  2. Okay - as promised - if a little late - some examples of the power of the spoken word and simple pared-back imagery - and how moving real human experience can be when allowed to be simple: