Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Year 2 : Narritive and Character Brief - Card selection.

During the project briefing we were given a set of three cards that are going to be the base for our two minute animated short which will be completed by our group. They are as followed.
 Metric Montage is our style in which our camera needs to move in our animation. ''In the Circus'' is our environment where it is set and the them is ''Fate''. Now this is a very interesting set of cards and have sparked many ideas and concepts from the three of us already. So as a group we have decided to go off and do our own research on each of the cards. I will be posting this after. I am very excited for this project as I have a strong narrative/storytelling background and my head is swimming with ideas.

The second part of the briefing was on the Character design project which we will be doing on the side. The three cards that I have acquired are not what I first thought would be any where near interesting. But I hope that I can get my head around that and bring to life a brilliant game concept and a character selection to follow. My cards are:  

A few ideas are in the mix thanks to a conversation I had with Alan. So lets see how this transpires.

Its going to be a long term but lets get stuck in!

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