Sunday, 27 September 2015

NC: Character Project Influence Map

Looking at my three cards and asking Alan's advice, I started to look at modern examples of games in relation to vehicles and building or invention of a vehicle. With Wacky Races each racer has their own style of car that they have built themselves, with their own special ability and flaws. Its the same across the board with Looney Tunes racers and Mario Kart. Modern games finest. Which brings me to another concept shown in the animation 'Wreck it Ralph' a move made of video game characters. In which the two main protagonists create or invent a kart via a mini game. This is the type of concept I am leaning towards for my multi-platform game. I have a idea that either each character portrayed in my game has their ''style'' of car or that the character be it male or female can design their own car pre-race. So essentially the end design is a racing game for all platforms with the standard rules of a race - however I have to take into account my third card, that being weight, the weight of the car determines its speed. The more you put in or on the car makes the weight increase/decrease which will affect the players game play. Lets just say its a mechanic that is seen in only a few games. 

Secondly, I looked at my two cards, vehicles and construction as the secondary words are invention and building. The history of the car and its invention and how in modern day that has taken to the world. I was thinking of the concept of LEGO, building blocks that can be moved because of the wheels - or things like Mechanix toys models that have little motors in them that allow them to move after construction. 

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