Sunday, 24 April 2016

@Alan APB: Character Process: Texturing.

Since Maya has be having significant problems recently, I've only actually managed to apply simple lambert textures to my model as I cannot open the hypershade as it freezes and crashes my program. I still think he looks really good regardless. I'll need to figure out the best method for me next in terms of skinning/rigging him as I am running out of time and the texturing took way to long since the problem with Maya is continuously persisting since Friday evening. Do I need to add a bump and specular map? Would it be simple for me to make a basic rig to allow me to pose the model on its pedestal (when I make it). Also when I save the render image it comes out darker than in the view port so for now I've screen shot the viewport rather than save the image. I've added two spotlights to the scene and tunred Ray t shadows on.

Front Render (screen shot) 

Rear Render (screenshot)

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