Saturday, 2 April 2016

@Alan APB: Character Modelling progress

I've started to model my character and I'm not sure if this is working, plus I am not to sure how to do the ear and mouth, shall I extrude it out (the ear) and shall I extrude the mouth in? When I've tried that it looks sinister not cute. If I mirror it can I export it to mudbox and work on the features there?


  1. I know you're waiting for Alans advice, but the the character tutorials help with the basics of modelling any head. It will look strange at first until you add further geometry and sculpt later on in the process.

    1. I didn't actually do the character modelling tutorials before so I missed a big chunk of knowledge there, however I'll give that a go for sure as it's also what Alan suggested. As my guy is oddly shaped I wasn't sure how to process this when actually making the character's head via the tutorial. Like would I need to model it like it is in the tutorial then shape it around my character, or just follow the ''fundamentals'' and model him from there? Here's where I got stuck initially >.<

  2. Hi Julia...

    To answer your questions...

    1) Fundamentals: The reason why you chose to design a character for this project was to regain the knowledge that you missed out on in the Narrative and Character project (pipeline 1 tutorials). The answers to how to model this character (your questions) are contained in those tutorials. Looking at your model I can see that many of the fundamentals talked about in those tutorials are missing, yes this character is different but the fundamentals are still the same. I suggest going back to the tutorials initially.

    2) No Mudbox: Mudbox is for adding detail after you've modeled your character properly.

    3) As a post asking for practical help I'm not sure how I'm able to respond effectively. One picture from one (unhelpful) view and no picture of the mesh.