Saturday, 9 January 2016

NC: Movie Review: Comedy and Laughter

Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang theory is essentially about A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory. It's an American drama sit-com that has spread like wild fires across the world and into the homes of many. I personally love this show, as it shows that even the weird, the geeks, get life problems. Get relationships, love, marriage, all of that. 

The comedic side of this show comes from all the little quick whit, sexual innuendoes, from the relationships and from Sheldon's reaction to everything. Everyone has their own way with him and yet he's still caught up in his own little world. There isn't just comedy in this series, there's also romance and hardship. Which really breaks apart the sit-com from the drama. You can really relate to the characters, as each ones has something about them that you can link to your own life.

 There is one scene that I remember from one of the series, its where the character Penny dislocates her arm and Sheldon has to help her get dressed. Now as Sheldon is innocent and really does not have a concept of what he's actually doing, he occidentally cups Penny's breasts of camera. At least we are lead to believe they are her breasts, she reacts in a way that just makes you laugh. Sheldon's innocent reaction is also a smile maker as he simply just says ''No, it doesn't feel like an arm.'' And when Penny asks him to let it go. He says,  '' Okay.'' And removes his hands away, putting them is such a pose that he just realised that he touched something wrong. 

This programme is personally funny to me because of the relationships between the characters and between the characters and every day life. I love the way Sheldon can't grasp the concept of Human Connection, and how Howard is oblivious to the fact that Bernadette sounds EXCATLY like his mother when she shouts. A perfect screen play and a engaging programme all round. It will defiantly be sad when they have the end it.

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