Friday, 22 January 2016

APA - Post Tutorial Reflections.

So after discussing my approach to the info-graphic, I have discovered that I haven't really formulated a script or a word plan for what kind of things will be mentioned in my video. It has also been pointed out to me that I don't need to make my info-graphic a comic strip but more so emphasises on the looks and attributes or aesthetics of the comic art form. I have started sketching out my graphics in a style that I think fits the comic genre.

Firstly, the icons or graphics that I think will be featured in my info graphic based on the facts that I have collected so far are as follows:

- A Water Bottle.
- A Deodorant spray can.
- A rucksack/bag.
- A Money note/coins.
- A Repair Kit.
- A Exit sign.

This set of graphics fit with the following facts with a that I will be including in the video:

- Bring Extra Cash to an event. The lines for the ATM are longer than the lines to the loo.
- Bring some water. Keeping Hydrated while walking for miles around the event is important.
- Bring and wear deodorant! A lot of cos-players in hot and heavy costumes, plus walking around adds to the smell.
- Bring a bag for all the goodies. A lot of things to buy, can't carry them without one.
- Bring a Repair kit. Costumes will get ripped and pulled whilst travelling to, around and about the event.
- Take regular breaks, leave the convention for some fresh air and cheaper prices.

Here are some sketches of the water bottle and spray can, please tell me what you think, and which one is closest to a more comic-ie feel and would fit into a infographic.

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