Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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Julia Wolf-Girl Mason
30 April at 13:42
Hey what did you guys render your things as? Maya Tiffs? Or Jpgs?
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Garisson Impala Tiffs, personally
30 April at 13:43 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason tiffs? so not Maya ''Iffs''
30 April at 13:43 · Like

Cat Barber photoshop files
30 April at 13:44 · Like

Cat Barber only joking.
30 April at 13:44 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason Aha right lol
30 April at 13:45 · Like

Cat Barber tiffs
30 April at 13:45 · Like

Cat Barber they go into after effects
30 April at 13:45 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason k uncompressed on normal?
30 April at 13:45 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason or*
30 April at 13:45 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason Thanks By the Way  wasn't too sure what I should be putting them out as aha
30 April at 13:51 · Like

Emma Morley I did jpgs as I'm working over in flash first.
30 April at 13:56 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason Ah okay - and in terms of the final animation, we have to do it in Pal right? but which setting on after effects as there's like 6 different ones :S

Hey guys I'm trying to render my animation, I've put a surface shader with my matte painting around my ''world'' and a light so that the world is lit, but the textures are flat and not like what I see in my view point. What should I do?
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Garisson Impala What do you mean by flat textures
28 April at 13:56 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason I'll screen shot hang on
28 April at 13:56 · Like

Cat Barber surface shaders don't pick up light, they remain a block colour, maybe if you use a lambert instead and adjust the light and raytracing in render settings it can give you a similar effect
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Julia Wolf-Girl Mason well it sort of fixed itself, but I'm rendering out using mental ray and this is what I see .... the texture on the helmet is different to the view point....
Julia Wolf-Girl Mason's photo.
28 April at 14:00 · Like

Garisson Impala I dont see the difference, is it shinier, reflective, what do you want it to look like? They are very similar
28 April at 14:02 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason the textures in the helmet are different Edit: as are the textures on the body
28 April at 14:04 · Edited · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason I want them to look like what its the bottom right not what I see in the render view
28 April at 14:03 · Like

Garisson Impala Its just a bit darker? Point the directional light properly at it
28 April at 14:04 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason
Julia Wolf-Girl Mason's photo.
28 April at 14:07 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason thats what I meant aha
28 April at 14:08 · Like

Garisson Impala Set your project, or just read the other post we talked with Cat
28 April at 14:09 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason the textures are used are substances though? They are not UV maped textures?
28 April at 14:09 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason Set the project - it didnt work I'm going to copy the substance folder into the folder I am saving the scenes too see if that works
28 April at 14:12 · Edited · Like

Garisson Impala What's a substance?
28 April at 14:12 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason http://knowledge.autodesk.com/.../GUID-B9337F1B-3935-49F4...

Substance texture samples | Maya LT | Autodesk Knowledge Network
The following is the list of available substance textures...
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Garisson Impala Never worked with those I'm afraid, did you google your issue
28 April at 14:14 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason Not yet just relocating the substance folder to my new_project folder and set that see if that works
28 April at 14:14 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason nope -.- it renders out okay in Maya 2.0 though
28 April at 14:18 · Like

Garisson Impala Render your character in maya separately and the rest of the scene in mental ray is all i can think of, then put them together in AE
28 April at 14:20 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason So what put the environment on a separate layer and turn it off to render the animation out with maya 2.0 then do the opposite to render the environment in mental ray?
28 April at 14:21 · Like

Garisson Impala You could try that yeah, hopefully it will work
28 April at 14:22 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason okay thanks I'll give it a go later need to do some flash work aha
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Charlie Serafini have you got a bump map on the helmet? If you do, try turning the value down because it looks like that could be the issue
28 April at 15:07 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason Yeah I do but I havnt got it on that high it's on about 0.575 or thereabouts it's just that the actual substance itself is not clearly visable in the render but is in the viewport. I've tried rending it out using Maya 2.0 and the textures are correct b...See More
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Charlie Serafini Oh I think Alan covered how to get substances to work in mental ray on a tutorial. Erm one of the Digital set ones I think, I can't remember though.

You could playblast it out, but it would be a previs not a final animation.
28 April at 15:34 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason I'll check on that in a sec I'm just experimenting with different formats. But so far the batch renders inhave done for some reason doesn't show my matte painting - which is on a shader on a sphere which is encasing my environment. I think I may have m...See More
28 April at 15:37 · Like

Julia Wolf-Girl Mason figured why the textures didnt show - the bump and specular maps had to be added like in the digital set tutorial I didn't know this -.- butt it renders now
28 April at 16:46 · Like

Someone please explain to me how this batch rendering works - does it render from the panel you are on - like playblast? Cause I just clicke don show batch render and it shows my whole scene not the section I want it too?


  1. Hi Julia - 3D Total figures have arrived!

  2. Awesome I will collected them tomorrow :)