Sunday, 3 May 2015

CG Artist Toolkit - Maya Tutorial Submission Post

Note: I am still working my way through this list but as the submission deadline is upon me I have to submit what I have and will be adding to it as soon as I can. 

Intro to Maya: 

Modelling Part 1 

Character Part 1: Modeling & Character Part 2: Texturing & Character Part 3: Lighting and Rendering

Texturing Part 1: Common Shaders

Texturing Part 2: UV Maps

Lighting Part 1: Lights and Shadows

Animation Part 1: Using Rigs

Animation Part 2: Using Motion Paths

Modeling 1: Digital Sets
Digital Set: Part 1: Modeling & Digital Set: Part 2: UV Layout & Texturing Preperation & Digital Set: Part 3: Lighting

Digital Set: Part 4: Colour Map & Digital Set: Part 5: Bump & Specular Map

Digital Set: Part 6: Dirt Map & Final Render

Intro to Lighting

Intro to Visual Effects: 
Render Layers Part 2: Depth of Field
Render Layers Part 1: Software Rending (Rendering Layers [Software]) 

Intro To Pre-Viz
Camera Part 2 : Pan Shot

Camera Part 3: Roll Shot

Camera Part 1: Camera Rig

Camera Part 4: Pitch Shot

Camera Part 5: Dolly Shot

Camera Part 6: Crane Shot

Camera Part 7: Distance Shot 

Camera Part 8: Coverage

Camera Part 10: Contra Zoom 

Camera Part 9: Camera Shake 

Intro to Character Animation

Making Felix Walk

Intro to Rigging
Biped Rigging Part 1: Legs

Biped Rigging Part 2: Spine

Biped Rigging Part 3: Arms

Biped Rigging Part 4: Neck & Head

Techniques Part 1: Piston

Techniques Part 4: Tail

Techniques Part 2: Eyes

Techniques Part 3: Can Exchange

Visual FX 1: Deformers
Non-Linear Deformers
Stereo Camera Rig
Intro to Visual Effects: Render Layers (Mental Ray) 

Intro to Texturing
Networks: Double Sided Shader

Networks: X-Ray Shader

Networks: Faked Rim Lights

Networks: Transparency

Maya Fur: Presets & Attributes

Maya Fur: Santa Hat

Intro to Skinning
Smooth Bind: Edit Weights

Smooth Bind: Paint Weights

Smooth Bind: Influence Objects

Interactive Bind

Intro to Deformers
Blend shapes and Inbetweens

Creating Mirrored Blend Shapes

Wire Deformers

Sculpt Deformers. 

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