Sunday, 15 March 2015

@Phil FV - Sample Pitch Animatic With SFX (Not edited fully) Advice needed.

Some people couldn't view the video so I posted it on here. I have already received some feedback about slowing the speed down to give it some more reading time. I just wanted to know if this was right as this is the first animatic I have attempted. The sound is not edited fully as I just wanted to see if I was doing this right and if it was clear (other than being to fast). Thanks.

Test animatic from Julia Mason on Vimeo.


  1. I think some of this needs to slow down a bit! I understand whats going on but other people might not, it's quite hard to keep up with the text. It might also be worth considering your typeface as well because some of your text isn't straight and clear, it needs to be easy to read if you're giving instructions! Other than that the sounds seem to fit and the visuals are clear, just make sure we have time to take everything in! :)

  2. Hi Julia - of course this text is too fast! Your poor audience is going to be falling over themselves to try and keep up - and also, I'm assuming the handwriting is just a place-holder for some kind of typeface?Communication is key to this animatic - so everything you're doing here that is making that more difficult needs to be sorted; this doesn't feel like a 'presentation animatic' yet - this feels like you still working everything out; you need to think about your audience's needs now - you also need to up the quality of what we're actually looking at in terms of design/drawing - this animatic needs to raise its game urgently if you want to communicate your concept effectively! Onwards!

  3. Phil, Are you suggesting that I might need to redo the entire design again? Because as of right now the ''panels'' I was drawing on photoshop to make each scene are not all in one piece, some have been edited over and I can't get the originals back. Also yes the hand writing is there because I have not yet decided on what font to use. I can easily slow down the animatic so that the words can be read. But I don't know what else to do.