Monday, 2 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage, OGR 1

Ogr For FV

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  1. OGR 03/03/2015

    Evening Julia - okay, I've got a radical suggestion for you: it seems to me that there's a 'tension of logic' going on in your concept; if you're going to model the interior of a human body as pink and soft, then the stylisation of the virus as an actual metallic mine suddenly seems odd. It's like your idea is falling between two stools. My suggestion would be to complete your logic - i.e. you take your animation out of the body completely and go with the 'metaphor' of the virus as a weapon - and treat it like one, a bit like the Death Star :

    My point is you don't need to model the insides of the human body, but rather embrace fully the concept of the virus as a bomb/mine/grenade - I can almost see it as like the moment in a computer game when you choose your weapon, and you get a read-out of its various functions. You know, even as I type this, I can imagine how you might simulate an app or interactive experience; for example, your film could begin with a loading screen which reveals a whole set of 'deadly weapons' or 'killers' - and they might include lots of different 'grenades' or 'bombs' - all different viruses/bacteria - HIV / Ebola / Ecoli - you simulate the moment that the 'player' chooses their weapon or 'population killer' (in this instance the Influenza virus) and then functionality of the 'weapon' is listed, animated and explained (i.e. how it kills people!). Think of it as being a bit like the Top Trumps of global killers...

    I don't think you actually need to step inside the human body at all...