Saturday, 5 November 2016

Update: Preped Old-Spice Bottle and completed Trifle (Opinions on Trifle needed)

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  1. Hi Julia - okay - I think the 'cream is too grey - it looks a bit miserable to me - I guess, white on white is a challenge, but if you made it the colour of whole milk/double cream - a touch of yellow/vanilla I think that would be more appetising! Also - just to add a bit of interest to the model, I'd suggest you need to add some addition back lines suggestive of flutes/ridges/patters around the side of the bowl - so something emulating this: - it will make the bowl read much more as a container - just a few vertical lines (not all the same) running around the sides of the bowl, something like that?

    Also, right now, your black lines look too angular - can you smooth?