Tuesday, 22 March 2016

@Alan - Further Character structures.

Using the links provided by Phil I have started to work on different angle/structures/turnarounds for my character, I think I might start to model him to get a better sense of how to see him in 3D.


  1. I think if you are struggling to get a sense for him in 2D currently, trying to then transfer that to 3D as a way to help could not be so successful.. If I may.. but what isn't there in the 2D will not suddenly appear in 3D. If your goal as an end-product is to make a 3D model then using unclear reference for that is going to negatively impact it! For example: If you cannot visualize a side view in 2D how will it appear in 3D where fundamentally you have to consider many many views of the physical thing.

    ..Unless however you will quite literally "draw in 3D" as such, so that you know it makes sense in 3D, to then translate that to 2D and back again into 3D finishing up with a consistent concept/reference + the character model, but do you think you have enough time to do this? - Sorry, kinda' long but those are just my thoughts!

    1. I appreciate the thoughts :) I have the 2D Front and Back view sorted, its just finding his side view, so what I meant was I going to start to model him to make my 2D views more clear, then transcribe that back into my 3D model to make him look better? Does that make sense? As my arts not strong enough to just scrawl out the side view without actually referring to a 3d model. At least that's my ideal work flow >.<