Friday, 5 February 2016

Adaptation Part A: Submission post.

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  1. First of all Julia well done this is the most coherent I’ve seen your work. In particular this submission has a through-line from concept to the final product (it’s also complete). Given the problems with your previous work this is a step in the right direction towards improving. As basic as it sounds a simple idea done well (as well as you can) carried through to the end is the recipe for better grades and personal development. In this case what’s encouraging about your infographic is your script (the backbone of the film). It has the right information, at the right tone, and begins and ends well. You also identified a style and tried to incorporate that in to your film. Again this is encouraging to see.

    “As well as you can” – I mention above that you’ve made this work ‘as well as you can’ meaning that you’ve tried hard to make your film work. However, as we’ve discussed in tutorials there is still some way to go yet to make your work fully successful (in professional / design terms). So whilst your infographic ‘hangs together’ as an experience it is compromised by a lack of refinement in all design areas (graphic design, use of font, and animation). These all read as being more of a first idea instead of the end of a revisited and improved design process – A series of ‘best first guesses’ instead of an informed refined approach. For Adaptation Part B keep the overall improvements coming but make sure you add ‘refinement’ to your work flow, continually revisit your work, evaluate it, make informed decisions, and improve it accordingly. I’d also suggest getting help during this process – there is no need to wait for tutorials each week (knock on the door) and if you blog your work consistently (daily?) we will be able to help you much quicker. Finally, avoid the ‘best first guess’ approach to design, sticking with that method will hold you back.

    Note: Further advice will be given on how to improve your infographic during your tutorial.