Tuesday, 7 July 2015

@Phil WIMR - Some potential Concept sketechs.

So I have been away a little while and just got back today. And I started working on a couple of concepts. Or as I rather call them ''Larger Thumbnails'' as its easier to construct a ''environment'' on a larger scale. I used some of the silhouettes I made to make some buildings. Then I went and looked at his paintings and some photos of his sculptures, the two I have yet to finish are starting to look promising. I think before I think about colour I need to figure out how to paint in a ''glassy'' effect to take in the artworks origin material.


  1. Good to see these, Julia - the middle composition is looking convincingly like a collection of dwellings - there's a successful sense of scale and layering :)

  2. I really like it too, kinda reminds me of Atlantis.
    What shall I do about the second one?