Wednesday, 10 June 2015

WIMR - Starting with the photoshop.

I attempted to do some thumbnails today, there seems to be a problem with my tablet and photoshop, I can no longer do ''touch-sensitive'' brush strokes. It works fine in Sketchbook Pro but the photoshop function doesn't want to work for me. Also I have not been feeling very well so I will be trying to back up some thumbnails over the next few days. But I have been working on one with this lack of sensitive touch setting. Work in progress of course.


  1. Hey Julia,

    Good to see you getting stuck in :) Listen, I've got some advice-for-life here - and it's about the notion of 'professionalism' too. You have a terrible habit of prefacing your blog posts and work updates with negative energy - i.e. you keep telling us about what's going wrong, what's not happing, how you're feeling etc. and really, I don't think anyone is very interested. Yes, your blog is a place for reflecting upon your work, but there is a way to do this that doesn't feel always as if you're having a whinge. We're going to make a new rule re. your course blog; it's no longer a place where you talk about your illnesses, or your moods, or whatever. Try and accentuate the positive and keep your manner professional and 'about the work'. Does this make sense?

  2. Oh yeah - I also want you to reconsider a few things on your blog: firstly, I think you should re-write your little biography so it reads more professionally (so, basically, drop the 'wolf-girl' thing - that day is passed) -also, I want you to rethink your blog banner; I know you like that digital painting because it shows some progress in terms of your skill, but I suggest you go for something a bit more graphical and sophisticated. Your big mission as you move forwards is to refine your workflow and finesse the way you communicate visually - and your blog would be a good place to start: take a look at these examples for what I'm talking about:

    Simple, graphical, professional, elegant, clean, mature... see what you can do :)